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Photography is relatively risk-free, yet there still are many risks that merit insurance. Should public liability insurance be made compulsory for professional photographers? We carry around equipment of high value that could get lost or stolen.


I certainly believe it makes sound business sense to insure your equipment.
I remember a photographer I knew years ago, who agreed to take some wedding photos. No contract, just a "handshake" agreement. This was in the days of 35mm film. Unfortunately, the photographs were not developed properly, and the photos were ruined. I wonder if he could have insured himself against this kind of eventuality? Then at least he could have given the unfortunate clients some compensation.


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I'll admit that my gear isn't insured. I don't travel with it enough or have enough paying clients to merit the need to cover it. If I did, I'd probably go for general liability insurance.


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I don’t think it’s necessary to make it compulsory. Photographers should be free to make their choices. Some might think the insurance is not worth it. They should consider whether it suits them or not and such.


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It seems a bit silly to make it mandatory. It's not like driving a car where you can seriously injure someone and create thousands of dollars worth of damage.


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It's up to you personally. If you freelance, there are laws against making things like this compulsory. If you work for a company, that's totally different.

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A newlywed couple wants you to take pictures of them standing on a cliff with a sheer drop right behind them. The backdrop is gorgeous. A gust of wind knocks one off balance and they fall backwards getting injured or worse. They try to argue that it wouldn't have happened if the photographer didn't suggest the shot. (THEY did, but they'll argue otherwise for the sake of the lawsuit) I could be wrong, but I think this is precisely what public liability insurance is for.

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This might actually be mandatory for the companies who hire out paparazzi photographers. One could say that danger is inherent in their line of work, so liability can be safely assumed.


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I don't think that it should be made mandatory. On the other hand, a photographer should take insurance, depending on the amount of risk involved and the cost of equipment.

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