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Do you normally follow the reviews and ratings when it comes to a movie or TV series? Do you take them seriously? I don't. I have had many experiences where the movie had really good ratings, only to be disappointed in the end. And the other way around.


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The same thing happened to me over and over, so I decided to start watching movies based on my preference instead of reviews or ratings.


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I would rely on the movie reviews when I feel lazy choosing what to watch. But most of the time, I don't pay attention to the ratings. We have different perspectives, after all. Instead of that, I'm more after the genres and the plot.


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I used to read the reviews before watching any movie in the past. But not anymore. What I do now is just check out the plot and the actors, and then I decide.

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Nope! If something looks interesting to me, I watch it. I might find something crazy boring that has great reviews. I don't even like to give my review of a movie.


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Not really. I don't even pay attention to the top watched films on Netflix. I feel like if I think like this, then I'll end up missing movies gems. It's better not to listen much to others' opinions if you want to see various films.

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