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I'm not sure how to best showcase my filmmaking and photography skills on a resume. Should I include the Udemy courses that I've taken? I know that I should list past work, but I can't figure out how to phrase it in a way that isn't awkward. I haven't worked for a studio, so I'm not sure how to name my past and present clients. Will you all help me, please?

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You could call yourself a professional freelance filmmaker/freelance photographer, then list the projects you've completed. I'd separate your film work from your photography work. You don't need to list the clients' names unless you landed a big project that will make you look good.


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You can include educational credentials if you don't have any work experience. Mention projects you've finished or even volunteer works to showcase your works. Freelancing will also be a great addition to your resume, even if the contract is only for a short while.


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I think it helps if you can offer up some previous clients as references. If you're worried about structuring your resume, you can mention the Udemy courses that you've completed under a heading called Professional Development.

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