Repurposing everyday items


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Check out this clip where the filmmaker uses a cucumber and some flour in order to create a scene on Mt. Everest. It's pretty wild.

If you have another example where an everyday item is repurposed for the production design I'd love to see it.

Fairytale Studios

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I've used an orange and a cantaloupe to make fictional planets before. I just spray-painted them. Both oranges and cantaloupes have a pitted texture which lent itself to the project. It looked similar to lunar craters by the time I was done.


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I've used cardboard boxes for a lot of cheapo designs. Just stack them in a configuration and add some fabric and you've got furniture. Or paint the front of the boxes to look like bricks or wood slats and you've got walls and flooring.

You had a brilliant idea, @Fairytale Studios!


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What an impressive artist! Creativity entails using each day's experiences to create something unique. Is the movie based on true events, or is it a work of fiction? Are there some documentaries you can recommend?


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I absolutely love this! People are so creative! It really makes you question other movie posters. I'll always be wondering what's secretly a cucumber now! :ROFLMAO:

I've never done anything like this before in my work, but now I'm excited to try.


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I wonder if that is a learned skill, or something a person just knows how to do. It is impressive that someone can see ordinary items in a different way.


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This is so freaking cool! I would have never thought that the scene was made with cucumbers if I had only seen the final product. Very creative :)

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