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I'm 100% in awe of BlackMagic's cameras and their ability to create amazing videos. These cams produce results that are a huge a step up from what I create with my GoPro cams. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and the price here is no different. $5k+ is a lot of money to me! Do you think it would be okay to go for a refurbished camera or a secondhand model to save some money? Would you feel confident buying one of their cameras if it wasn't brand new?


I'd be more likely to trust a refurbished camera that came directly from the company than I would a used camera. I'd be afraid of running into a situation where I was saving a little money on my purchase, only to have it break in no time and become a money suck.


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Usually a new camera comes with a warranty and these cameras have an excellent resale value on the market, so I'd probably save up and buy a new one. I doubt you'll be able to shave that much off the price by getting a used camera.

Vid Syd

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I would only buy second hand if I knew the history of it. Kind of like a car. If one is worth 5k new, yes, I want a history on that thing before I buy it used.


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Yes, you can buy a refurbished camera, provided the seller is legit. Remember that stolen items also get sold at throwaway prices. You can also check the shutter count to know how many shots the camera has captured.


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The main reason for buying a refurbished camera is to save on cost. However, you have to ensure that it appears to in good condition. Like @CreativeSet says, checking the shutter count will tell you how many shots it has captured.

Culture Shot

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A refurbished camera would be good enough for me as long as it's in good condition. Because choosing one but having it in poor conditions will be just like wasting money. The good thing is that, unlike with a second hand, the refurbished camera would've been restored to its original state.

The Aire

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Refurbished. The term secondhand implies that no work has been done on an older piece of equipment. I want some kind of assurance that it will work properly.

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