Ranking High In Google Images


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Can you think of any reasons why someone would want to do that? My only thought is that people would use that ranking, that position on a search page, as a springboard to lead people to their main site. What do you think?

Paul Stevens

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It could bring more eyes to your portfolio. I think most people do it though because they also run a blog and are looking to bring people to their website for advertising and affiliate money.


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Driving traffics is always a good way to promote your stuff I suppose? But I wonder how do people get their images ranked high on Google? Like how do they make it?


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Driving traffic to your website is an excellent way to advertise, but it may not be as effective as it was a few years back (I stand corrected). Linking your site to all your social media profiles can be a great way to make a name.

Mobile 5

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Google changes its algorithm in a regular sporadic fashion, and the last I heard is that text will rank higher when a picture accompanies it. Having that same picture rank high in G Images would help as well.


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Ranking your images on Google is a way to get your website up in the Google search results. Other than that, I don't see any reason why anyone would want to do that.

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