Queen stripped Andrew of titles


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I'm fascinated by the royal family and I stay on top of the gossip. I'd love to shoot one of their weddings. A gal can dream, right? Anyway, I heard a couple of days ago that the Queen stripped Andrew of his titles and military medals. Can you believe that? Andrew is rumored to be her favorite child, so it's quite shocking.


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Why? Honestly I don't pay any attention to them since Princess Diana died. What in the world did he do?
I have followed Harry, but that's it.


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I'll have to look more into this too. Honestly, I thought that the Queen was dead. I wonder why she stripped him and how can one do this? Did he commit some crime?

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It's the whole Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell / underage girls trafficking to Epstein's Island for "parties," thing. There are pictures of them together, but I'm sure the Royal Family has the inside scoop on what he really did when the cameras weren't clicking.

His character is rotten to the core. He broke laws that are universally considered to be just as bad, if not worse, than murder, and he tarnished the image of the Royal Family.


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Punishments for people of his stature can usually only come from their own social/business/family circle.

I'm glad she did it. He deserves it.

Now they need to pay financial compensation to the victims.


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Oh my goodness! I knew nothing of this. Yes! If he was involved he needs to be stripped of everything! He also needs to go to prison!!! What a shame!


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I guess this topic just goes to show that I really am out of the loop! I did not know that he was part of this horrific scandal. I wonder how many other celebrities are also involved.

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