Possible Blind spots


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PTZ cameras seem to be a good tool when you're taking security measures. It can be controlled manually and can also be set on automatic, wherein it'll perform its capabilities of moving and focusing on different directions. Its ability to cover a wide range made me think about its blind spots. Wouldn't that be problematic on its own? Is it safe to say that PTZ cameras should come in two?


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For security purposes? Most of the cams I've seen are aimed at key spots, like the front door or the mailbox. That's good enough if you have a specific area you want to protect and monitor. For filming lectures and events? I don't think the camera has to record every little thing in order to do its job. Plus, most speakers can learn how far they can move and still remain in the camera's view.

Len S

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The only reason I can think of that can arise from security camera blind spots is if you're monitoring a large piece of rural property for wild animals. They could bed down in a blind spot and you would never know they are there.

The Aire

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I don't know if blind spots for personal security uses are a top priority for most. On your car, definitely, but not so much on your home.

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