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When promoting my skills, are there other places that have a more professional vibe? I wouldn't like people to scroll past my work. Maybe a more organized platform will be better wherein the people there would be on the same page.

Lily Stew

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Nothing comes to mind aside from Fiverr because social media is the change that some businesses maximized. You can have more exposure there, which leads us to the disadvantage of also attracting spammers. However, these platforms help you get exposed to opportunities too. There are pros and cons like everything else.

Fairytale Studios

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I appreciate word of mouth advertising. I've been lucky that previous clients have been good about referring me to their friends and family. I think my niche has a lot to do with that though. While they're showing off images of their lovely cherub, it's pretty natural to say where it was taken.


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Freelance working sites might be the platform you would want to consider. There are so many projects there, and you might even manage to retain customers if you give them quality work. If you have other skills, you'll be able to share that too.


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I think you can post your work on places like Behance. There are a lot of artists that use it to find gigs too. Alternatively, having your own website is also a good idea.

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