Pictures Of The Moon

The Aire

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On a smartphone, is there a setting you use in order to get a realistic picture of the moon? I've tried it before and it never comes out good.


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It's hard to do it with a phone. Sometimes when I try, the moon mistakenly looks like a balloon or a golf ball. You'll have better luck if you use an app like Yamera and an extra lens that clips straight onto the phone which will allow you to zoom in closer.

Culture Shot

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No, nothing seems to work for my phone. Getting a good shot of the moon is difficult to do with only a smartphone. Some may be able to do it, but those would be the expensive models. In that case, buying a cheaper camera instead might've been better.


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I think it's easier to make it look decent if there's someone standing near it, and I focus more on them rather than the moon itself.

Sweet Takes

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I always have to frame the scene with some trees, mountains, or something else that gives the image some context. I think it turns out the best when I can get the moon reflecting off a body of water.

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