Picking the right lens


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A photographer always needs more than one lens to suit a specific need. Aperture, focal length, crop factor, and image stabilization are some of the factors to consider. Have you ever paid attention to these when shopping for a lens?

Lily Stew

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Aside from the budget, it's also necessary to think about what features you will need for your niche. Some lenses that would work well for food photography, for example, might not help in action photography, and vice versa.

The Aire

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Image stabilization is a big one for me. Most shots come out good, but that doesn't stop me from thinking they won't. Anything that automatically stabilizes a shot is what I am looking for.

Culture Shot

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I consider both the wide-angle and long camera lenses since those two offer varying perspectives. You can notice the differences in the pictures that it's better to have them both.


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It's smart to consider this so you can know if you'll have to buy a lens that suits photography or something that can capture smooth films. There are even lenses that are designed for vloggers.

Photo Arts

You know, sometimes I've packed the wrong lens, or I've been in a situation where a great shot was lined up, but I only had my camera phone with me, and in the end it turned out okay. I still produced some remarkable images. I think I rely on lenses too much sometimes, instead of using my artistic eye.

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