Photographing Children

Culture Shot

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We all know that kids can get hyper for no reason and that's very understandable. It's one of the things that makes it fun taking candid pictures of them. However, it's worrisome when things have to be formal since some of them would randomly end up shouting, crying, and even running! Any advice on taking formal pictures of children?

Fairytale Studios

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Kids are my niche. I take fantasy photos of children and create films where they get to star as the hero, princess, magical being, or anything else. The key to working with children is to make them excited to do what you want. "You are going to look so brave and strong, little Billy, in this (itchy) hero costume. Go ahead and put it on so you can start saving the world."

Culture Shot

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Oh, that makes sense. It's somehow similar to the effect when giving incentives to adults. Won't it be harder to make boys follow instructions though? Generally speaking, they seem to be more active and aggressive.

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