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I know the stock photo market is somewhat saturated, but do you think one can still make some side passive income from selling images on those websites? I think it could be a great way to have a little pocket money, what do you guys think?

Fairytale Studios

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Maybe if you got in when the market was fresh, then you could still have a shot at earning from it. However, I don't think the effort involved is worth it anymore.

The Aire

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There have been times when I looked for a specific stock photo and there weren't any that matched my description.

What you can do is search for very specific photos, and if you don't find them, get your camera ready.

The market may be saturated, but it's not full.

Lily Stew

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You could still give it a try since it'll only serve as a passive income. There's already the awareness that the market is competitive, so you shouldn't expect much. Still, leaving your work in the open and letting people see it will lead to something.

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