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I was gifted 20 very nice pallets. I want to use them to make some props. Any ideas on what I can make? I have all kinds of requests for photos. I shoot baby, family, sports, senior pictures, engagement, wedding, etc. photos. I'm excited to begin making some props.


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That's great! I am always looking for nice pallets. Along with photography, I make wood crafts. I would say you could use a couple as a backdrop.

Lily Stew

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You can use it as a coffee table for family shots or even wedding photography. The right color for the pallet can definitely give a warm ambiance. That would mean a lot since it would improve the picture's mood.

Fairytale Studios

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What a great gift, Rapp. You can do a lot with pallets. You could use them for staging people or things in your photos. If they're sturdy, they'd make useful platforms as well.


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There are many things that you can do with wood, depending on the pictorial theme. On the other hand, you can also use a single prop for different kinds of occasions. Tables are one of the crafts you can look into making.


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I never thought about platforms. I will definitely use some of them for this. They are in great shape and very sturdy. I did make a couple of tables. I am using then in my house, not for props.

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