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Have you come across people who claim that doing any processing or image editing is not photography anymore? It is one subjective issue that can generate divergent views. Can someone be poor at photography but excellent in editing?

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The people who are poor at photography HAVE to be good at editing. LOL

What you are talking about should be classified as being art and the person doing it is an artist. This is my opinion.

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Well, it's obviously not photography but it is photography related. If you write a story and someone else edits it, is that person a writer? No. They're an editor. That doesn't make one better or more of a "purist" to their art, it just makes them different in the same field of art.


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Those are two different skills, but if you're more focused on a photography career, editing too much is similar to owning up that your work is still lacking quality. Touching up images can be done, but relying on it removes originality.
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I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who have good photo editing skills but no clue about photography. An excellent photographer makes an effort to take standard pictures without focusing a lot on edits.

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