No Entry Level Full Frame?

Markshot 12

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Does anyone know if Lumix has abandoned their plans for a full-frame "pocket size" (entry level) camera? Black Majic did, and Japan isn't releasing any new information since their own press release was pulled in August.

Seems to me there is a market for it out here.


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You know, I haven't heard anything about it since they first mentioned it. Maybe the pandemic held up the design and production work on it.


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Could you be referring to the Lumix S5? The last I heard was that it is to be $500 less expensive than the S1 and more mainstream and versatile. The Lumix S1 is a full-frame mirrorless camera, but probably not pocket-size enough?


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You could be right, Pixels. Unless Panasonic claimed to be working towards something cheaper, but then again, most full-frame cameras cost a pretty penny. They'd probably need magic to make it happen.


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