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Martin Riley

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This is my backup cam, but I've had to rely on it more since my other camera fizzled out. I forgot how big of a workhorse it is when creating videos. This camera can seemingly do it all. Unfortunately, I find it gets heavy and cumbersome after a while, which is why I don't pull it out more often. I need to get a tripod, obviously. Are you a fan of the camera?


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Huh, I've used one before and didn't notice the weight, but maybe that's because I mostly filmed while using a tripod. I carted it to and from the location though.


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I try not to rely on heavy cameras since they might not do well during long working hours. One of the features that I value in the camera is its small body because it makes it easier to focus.

Sweet Takes

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I'm glad I read this because I was asked about this specific video camera. I haven't used it before so it's good to see some feedback. I wouldn't want a bulky camera because you can't always use a tripod.


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I'm all about using a tripod when I'll be shooting for a long period of time. My film winds up shaky otherwise. I haven't used this particular camera before, but I've been in that position when the arm muscles start shaking where they're fatigued and it's just no fun.


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I don't own one, but I can see why it's popular. Someone by a major airport where I live had one like it set up on a tripod. Maybe it was a hobby, maybe he worked for the FAA, I don't know. He seemed to take it seriously though.

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