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What are your thoughts on this? It is looking like it will be the next big thing, but is it a good thing?

Keeping in mind that NFT photographs are still photographs, and that NFT is simply a matter of consumption.


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I think it's a bubble that's bound to pop eventually. However, if someone manages to make a fortune that way, then more power to them.


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It seems hot right now. I think the sky's the limit. I don't exactly understand it, but I felt that way about digital currency and look where it's at now.


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My understanding of digital currency is that you don't actually own a "piece" of currency. You own a portion(s) of the blockchain it's stored on.

Maybe someone can take a picture of a graph or something that details what it's all about, make an NFT and sell it for millions. LOL

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Don't laugh too loudly; it will probably happen.

What I think is that someone created an alternate financial system, Cryptos, and now people are creating alternate goods. NFT's. It's just another step in creating a financial world that is independent of the long-established financial system.


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It's always pros and cons. The camera industry can start to boom if NFT photography allows more talent to gain the attention they deserve. It could lead to competition among sellers, but I still find NFT photography a blind item, given that not everyone welcomes this innovation.


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My thought is "reissuing" a stock photo, like my avatar, into an NFT and selling it for thousands. The avatar was free, so it's public domain.


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Right, but that's going against the spirit of the whole thing. It's trying to foster artwork in the digital world. All the while knowing that the art scene IRL has been used as a cover for money laundering.

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