NEX-FS100 for Documentaries


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This cinema camera was highly preferred by Indie filmmakers due to its multiple features, but this was before mirrorless cameras became a thing. It seems that its limitations surfaced after other options became available. There's a chance that image quality can get affected when color grading is too heavy. If it's for documentaries and interviews, would you recommend this camera?


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I've used this camera before and the buttons are tiny. I have long, slender fingers so it wasn't a big issue for me, but my assistant that day was a guy and he really struggled to hit the right button. Having said that, the camera shoots beautiful footage and it's come down in price quite a bit since it was released a few years ago. You could do worse.


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There's a risk that the documentary could flop if its quality is affected. Audiences are more particular now with the aesthetics so they might not even bother to watch anything with poor quality. I'd only recommend that to people who are knowledgeable about using it.


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It seems that its limitations surfaced after other options became available.
Sometimes I see the parallels between this and the arms races countries are constantly having. Something new comes along, they ditch the old and spend tons of money keeping up with the technological Joneses.

If I had half the money these companies spend to constantly upgrade..........................

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