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I just read an article stating that Canon is shutting down its main production plant in China. It is said that they decided to do so due to the decrease in demand, as well as the impact of the coronavirus. What do you think will happen next?

Vid Syd

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They will probably focus more on phone cameras. Part of the reason was a chip shortage, so I see them focusing more on making whatever kinds of chips they need for phones and their cameras.


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I agree with Vid. It's that darn chip problem (same as vehicles). I really don't know what happens next. I see a lot of businesses going belly-up due to covid. It's a sad reality.

Len S

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It's just another change, that's the way I see it. As long as demand stays the same when supply initially goes down, there will be someone to fill that gap.


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I've recently read about it too. I feel very bad for all those people who have lost their jobs because of this shutdown. The pandemic has affected everyone and everything.


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I'm sure China can retrain those employees and keep them in the workforce somewhere. What they do over there doesn't concern me too much though.

Paul Stevens

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I'm wondering if the big tech companies are giving them a run for their money, so they're having to scale back in order to stay in the game.


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This is the first I'm hearing about it. I hope things pick up for them again. We've already lost Olympus and Kodak. I can't imagine losing Canon as well.

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