New Sony Stills Up To Snuff?

Markshot 12

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Will the new line of Sony camera's compare to what Canon has? I like the lines Sony puts out, but it really seems that they're behind the curve tech. wise. The reviews are coming in and I'm not the only one who see's this. I would like give me hope via their personal use of Sony equipment that is no more than a few years old. I've been a fan of Sony products all my life.

The Aire

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Hey buddy. If you like Sony, go with their SLT models. Made in Japan. Almost everything Canon makes is also in Japan. This might be one reason you have seen a decline in quality with Sony. With so much being made in China.......

Len S

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Japan takes pride in what they do and it shows. Put their products and China's side by side and you'll quickly see what pride can do for quality.

Personally, I think Sony has a lot of work to do if they want to compare to Canon


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I think Sony's cameras are usually the most affordable option. They take good pics in my opinion. I might have to work harder at getting a great shot, and I might have to take more pictures than I would with a high-end camera, but you get what pay for.


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I'm interested to see what comes out next. Overall, I think they take decent quality stills, but I've never liked using their cameras because their controls aren't intuitive.


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They have enough lens options to where you can fiddle around with different ones until you get that one perfect shot. I trust the brand.

Markshot 12

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In my opinion, this is subjective. With beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Lens options never vary greatly from camera to camera unless a specific brand and style caters to a specific demographic.

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