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I just read an article about Netflix investing so much money in studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Is there any reason for that? I have also heard rumors that they are planning to move all their production there. It may have already happened as the article I read was a bit dated.


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Interesting! This is the first I've heard about it. I hope it doesn't mean that the monthly subscription prices are about to go up again.


Oh I heard about this last year. I think it's old news. I never read enough about it to know why they made this change though.

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Usually, companies move some work to another location to reduce costs. It could be related to that if not for expansion purposes. The bright side is that it increases employment in that area.

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If they moved from California, then it was probably the taxes. That, and New Mexico has been known for years to be more than accommodating to the movie industry.


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Interesting, I wonder how their working dynamics will work out. There'll be new employees for sure from different backgrounds. Projects can flop if they overlook the importance of understanding other's cultures.


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Have you heard about the news? An unfortunate event happened at the set in New Mexico wherein a gun that's supposedly part of the props killed one of the crew. The director also got injured because of the incident.


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I agree with the tax part (if they have moved from California). I think moving to New Mexico was a decision to lower the expenses and also to create employment in that area.


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This is the first I have heard of it as well. It makes sense that if New Mexico is cheaper that they would move their productions there. I've also heard that Georgia is a very accommodating place for film makers.

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