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I think being part of the product design team is difficult. You'll have to think of the props, costumes, and background in order to make the scene possible. I'm thinking if people in the product design team have to be artistic or creative before being a part of it. On the other hand, there may also be other skills that are more important even if it's not directly related to production design.


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I think one needs to have a minimum amount of creativity when it comes to production design. Although I believe most skills can be learned, design works better when you are a "natural". Just my opinion.


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Other than creativity, being organized will be important because the production team will have a lot to deal with. Just imagine if things get mixed up, the scenes can get ruined and it'll take some time to do another recording of the same scene due to forgotten props.


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Patience is a big one. So is having thick skin, because sooner or later, you're bound to get dragged for making a film that the critics pan.

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Being decisive might be a helpful skill because generally working in a team can prolong the process of deciding on something to work with. Having some assertiveness might also come in handy especially if you have valuable ideas.

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