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What are your thoughts on musicals? I love music, and I also love films, but I just can't combine the two for some reason. Therefore, musicals are not really my cup of tea. But I know a lot of people who really enjoy them.

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I absolutely love them! I think it's the combination of singing and dancing that does it for me. My favorite musicals are Hairspray and Grease.


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I love musicals too. Mamma Mia? Yes please! I don't know how many times I have watched that musical :D I especially like it when they have choreographies.


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I find them cheesy and overly dramatic. I want to snigger when they break out into song and begin hamming it up. I'm with you, @Stephen. I like movies and I like music, but I don't enjoy the two combined.


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I like movies and I like music, but I don't enjoy the two combined.
So accurate! I find it weird when characters would speak with a melody like it feels so unnatural. Climax scenes where they're singing are fine, but the rest doesn't appeal to me.


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I really can't stand musicals. I mean, either act or sing LOL! On the other hand, they are a form of art too, so it's just a matter of taste I guess.


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I'm with Darlene. I think they're so weird. The acting tends to be cheesy, and it's just so unrealistic to imagine ever breaking out into song in real life. I just can't get into them.

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I've always loved musicals! I appreciate how the actors and actresses can perform so well and be in a different outfit in minutes and sometimes even seconds.

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