Motivated by poorly snapped photos.


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I once read about a hiker who decided to pursue photography after a mountaineering escapade. As the photographer-designate, he snapped poor pictures that were also wrongly exposed. Afterward, he decided to pursue photography as a career and went to work with The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian newspapers, and Time magazine, among other publications.


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Wow, I think there are countless stories like this, where one bad experience spurs an interest in something. I am sure this photographer always looks back and appreciates this incident that led to the success story.


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That's pretty cool. I feel motivated to do better when I see poor shots as well. It actually doesn't matter who took the original picture. I feel driven to make it better.

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I guess he felt that he was so bad when he started, he had nowhere to go but up. LOL

I like stories like that. It gives us all hope that we can be experts in our field.


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It is funny how bad experiences can give you the motivation to strive for the best! This is truly inspiring. Like PictureHub said, I bet he looks back and thinks about what pushed him to go so far.


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I like the "before and after" comparisons of when I started and where I'm at now. I've always had an eye for a good shot, but executing right is what gets better.

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