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What has been the most memorable photoshoot that you've experienced as a photographer? Mine happened during the height of the pandemic. Friends of mine had to cancel their formal wedding, so they opted to get married at the park with just them, their preacher, their parents, and me as the photographer. It was my first wedding shoot! I was so nervous! I don't think I could handle that niche regularly because of the pressure, but thankfully these photos turned out beautifully. I couldn't have asked for a better day. The lighting was just right and the park was empty, so I had plenty of background options and props to work with. Since there was no wedding party, I had an easier time editing the images. My friends love their wedding photos and have sent business my way as a result.


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I commend you for making the day memorable during the pandemic. As photographers, we tend to have many memorable moments as we build on our experience. When you surpass client expectations, they treasure those moments for a long time.
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Mine was one of my first paying clients who wasn't a relative. I took the images of a skateboarding contest and turned them into posters and other memorabilia. It was a fun shoot. Everyone was nice, and the client was easy to work with.

@LifeCaptured, you should be proud of that. You took a risk to make your friends happy. I know it was a ton of work. Even without a wedding party, editing formal images takes a ton of time and skill.


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I agree with, @PerfectClick. Kudos to you for making the day memorable for the happy couple. As someone who works in the wedding industry, I know you put in the work and that you went above and beyond to deliver quality images.

One of my most memorable shoots involved a runaway bride. The bride's family paid for my work and still wanted to do pictures of the wedding party and such. They were all game, including the bride, so I went along with it. They were more like very formal family photos.

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I mostly cover political events and the things that are going on in my city and county. I've had a few instances where a politician forgot that we were live. The most memorable occasion had the guy pulling off his shirt because he was hot. He got reelected, but he'll never live that moment down.

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