Marketing In A Foreign Language

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The world is a big place and potential clients are everywhere. If you see there could be a market for your work in Russia, with you being in an English speaking country, would you do your marketing with subtitles, or a voice-over?


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The first thought came to my mind is- Why not? We live in a globalised society. Of course you might want to hire some translators to do the work which could cost some money. But still, if there’s the demand, I think it’s a good idea.

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Subtitles might be cheaper. Do a linguist test first with someone whose first language is the language you want translate to. Google is good, but there's no better source than a human for this.


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I'd probably start with a print ad and photos if the option is available. It would be a good way of testing the market without investing too much time and money up front. I'd hire two translators. One to do the translation and the other to check it.


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I agree with ePic. It’s always the best to hire more than one translator. But translation is rather subjective usually. They can have very different opinions based on their understanding of the script and a lot other factors. I would suggest you go for one translator first, and see if you really need one more later. Sometimes more options, more difficult to choose.

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