Managing toxicity at home


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It's easy to avoid toxic people if they are someone who you barely see. However, things are difficult to avoid when they're individuals you're living with under the same roof. There's no real quarrel, but there's underlying tension and an uncomfortable atmosphere from time to time. Any tips on how one can improve the situation?


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That is tough for sure (especially if you live together). I would say the best way to avoid it, is to put some distance between you two when either is aggravated. Good luck!


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Talking might help, but it could also make things worse. Do you think the person will listen to you? If not, you can only avoid them. Doing that can also be difficult, depending on the space you have. The best you can do is respond instead of reacting.

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I count backwards from 10 to help me diffuse myself before I react. I usually feel better by the end, then I can respond to the situation mindfully rather than reactively. Sometimes my family can really push my buttons, and that mental trick has helped me a great deal.


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Sometimes I need to physically remove myself from a space if it's becoming toxic. I've definitely taken some long walks when I was frustrated, or when my roommates were getting on my nerves. Maybe the two of you could talk a walk together and talk about the tension?

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