Magazines, yay or nay?


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In this day and age, almost everything has been or is being digitalized, so I was wondering if print magazines still make money? I am not subscribed to any at the moment, but I was just curious if they were still popular.


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I'm sure they are. I don't subscribe to them anymore either. I know some people still want that paper in hand experience. I do still read the newspaper from time to time.


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I still subscribe to a few, like Time and Consumer Reports, but I think other magazines have become little more than advertisements. That's especially true of the mags that are marketed to photographers. It's a shame, really.

Sweet Takes

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I don't subscribe to any paper magazines. I do pay for Consumer Reports online. I don't know of many people that still pay for paper magazines.


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I don't remember the last time I held a paper magazine in my hand. I am sure they are still making money, but I don't think they make as much as they used to.


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I am a bit old-school, but I still enjoy reading magazines. I have had multiple subscriptions to different magazines throughout the years and I still pay for them. I think they are worth the money.


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I do still subscribe to a few magazines. I'm old-school too. I love holding books, newspapers and magazines. I do use the internet too for all of the above but I like paper ones too.


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I am pro-technology, so I got rid of all my paper magazines a long time ago. I prefer to read everything digitally now. I also have a large collection of books in PDF format and I keep them all in one place. It's so much more convenient.

Culture Shot

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There will still be copies of paper magazines, but they'll also be available online. I'd find it irrelevant to get one when I have a soft copy, in general. However, others may still opt for this, just like how they do with books.

Mobile 5

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As long as we have lobbies for medical offices, we will have print magazines. lol

When we're online, sometimes we think everyone is online. They're not.

Print subscribers tend to be loyal to print.


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I sometimes access magazines digitally. It's more convenient for me and it doesn't use up paper! I do miss getting magazines delivered to my house, but I don't read them often enough to warrant a subscription.

The Aire

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If you see a print magazine, chances are it is owned by a media company that owns dozens more. Sometimes that kind of consolidation happens in order to keep them all solvent and the media company more profitable.

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