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Some of their cameras are shockingly expensive and I wonder if they're fantastic enough to justify the expense or if they're no more special than other cameras and the price is more about letting the world know you can afford the brand. Have you guys ever used one of their cameras? What's your take on the brand?


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I've never gotten my hands on one, unfortunately. Some of them aren't much pricier than a Canon, but I've never felt the need to buy or rent a Leica. They get excellent reviews for the most part though.


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Too rich for my blood. I'm glad you asked the question though, because I've wondered about the brand too. I'm especially intrigued by their limited edition cameras.

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I'm especially intrigued by their limited edition cameras.
From reading some of the specs, the limited edition cameras seem to be more about hype than capabilities. Remember when they released the Leica M10-P White? The color made it exclusive. That and the fact that they only made a few hundred of them.


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I've used a few and it's a hotly debated topic as to whether they're worth the price they command. I think their cameras are well-made and they all look like little works of art. Their cameras are simply gorgeous. However, the lenses are difficult to swap and use and their auto-focus isn't nearly as good as what you'll find in a Canon. I owned their more affordable Lecia M model for a while before I swapped it. I have to say that it's incredibly durable. That camera was banged around, dropped, every horrible thing you can think of happened to it. And it kept working perfectly - and that's the more affordable model. Photos turn out beautifully which is probably what matters most to us. The lens lets a lot of light in which enhances the image. It takes work to get used to the camera though.

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