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When taking on a lot of projects, I sometimes find it hard to balance them out. Being indecisive is one of my enemies when managing my time. Aside from setting personal deadlines, how do you organize your work and prioritize which one to finish first?


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I use Google Calendar for keeping myself on schedule, and it helps a ton. I send alerts and reminders to my smartphone, which keeps me focused on the major tasks that need done that day.


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I'll be keeping an eye on this thread because I pretty much wing it right now. I put notes in my phone and I mark the deadline on the calendar, but that's about it. Other methods get too complicated for me.


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I'm super organized. I use a paper planner (old school, I know) and Outlook. I love the tasks and the calendar in Outlook. I have my paper planner with me at all times.


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I really struggle with staying organized. I've tried a lot of different things, and the only way I've gotten through school was having reminders set on my phone. If I didn't have that, I would be so lost!


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I start with setting personal deadlines instead of relying on the one given to me. Usually, having a small notebook on what I should accomplish for the day would help. When there are certain tasks that I wouldn't finish, I prioritize them the next day.


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I am not the best at keeping organized! That is one area that I could really improve on. I am looking to hire an assistant (part time) so that I can get better at it. I do use Outlook too.

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