It's A Girl Thing?


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Historically, when a photographer wanted to show grace and beauty in a photograph, they would have a female subject somewhere in the photo. This has always been the case. So why do you think the "woke " culture hasn't really said a word about this? I

I'm not picking on anyone, but it just dawned on me that no one has brought this up in public conversations. No one seems to want to try and break the stereotypes of women exuding grace in photos, and men exuding strength.

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Because the "woke" culture is driven by feelings and, more often than not, feelings are not logical. It's not logical to believe that if you "feel" like a woman then you must be a woman regardless of biology or long-standing social perceptions.

I have nothing against any of them, but they seem impatient to make a change that will likely take generations to make. You can't ask 99% of a population to change in order to appease 1%. That's not how change works.

But in the meantime, visual media like photographs will continue to portray men and women in the light they always have. It works, it makes businesses money and that's the one thing the little man (or woman) can't touch.

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