Is an Advanced Degree Worth it?


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I have some friends who are starting MFA (Master of Fine Arts) programs this upcoming school year. Earning an MFA is something I've considered, but I've never actively pursued it. Does anyone have an MFA, and if so, would you recommend that others earn one?

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Generally speaking, having more credentials could lead to a higher salary. Since it's an MA, you'd also be able to do it while working, unlike with an undergraduate. It's one of the things that can also expand your connections, so yeah, go for it.


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If you want to work in an art gallery or anywhere in that end of the business, you should get one. The payoffs in relation to how much you spent for the degree is pretty good from what I hear.

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If I were to get a degree, the curriculum would have to be career specific. And that would only happen if an outfit likes me enough to hold a position open until I get that degree.

I don't like wasting my money on maybes.


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I think you'd definitely have to consider the cost. Will you be able to pay back what you borrow quickly? Student loan debt is no joke, especially if you already have some from an undergraduate degree.

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