Is a Degree Required?


Do you think most videographers and film makers have a degree in the field or are most of them self-taught? I don't have a degree, but I am good at learning by myself. Do you think that could be a problem when you want to apply for a full-time job?


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I think a lot of people in this industry are either self taught or have bought some sort of course online. I doubt that all successful graphic designers and videographers have degrees.

Martin Riley

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A person might need a photojournalism degree if seeking work in that particular field, but I'd say that's few and far between. I have a degree, but it sure isn't in the creative arts.

Len S

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It depends on the job and the company doing the hiring. You can make a living as a videographer without a degree, but probably not as much money had you gotten one.


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The industry is more focused on skills, so I don't think a degree would be that important. But, the market is tough if you're looking into applying to companies. A degree might be needed, in that case, depending on the qualifications they want.


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I guess some companies are still "old-school" in that sense and they, will probably ask for a degree. It's hard to change the habits of the corporate world. But if you are a freelancer, you definitely don't need a degree!


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Certificates may suffice now with the multiple online courses available. Obtaining these might help if you're going to go freelance and make a name for yourself. Even practicing your skills might do you better than having a degree since the field is more skill-based.


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I know so many people working in the field and none of them has a degree. And they have clients too. You just need good skills!


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I haven't met a client yet who asked where I went to college. (I didn't) This is one of those businesses where the work done speaks to the experience of the photographer, and speaks directly to the customer.

Sweet Takes

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That is a great question. My dad was in this line of work and he has taught me so much. I have taken many photography classes but I don't have any specific degree.


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Degrees don't hold nearly the weight that they used to. Over here on "this side of the store", only places like Nat.Geo., Time, etc.....would ask for it. But now, nobody really cares about that.

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