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Hey guys! I'm hoping to find an instant camera that we can pass around at my father's retirement party. It's been a long time since I've owned an instant camera. Quite honestly, I thought they had become obsolete, but I hear there's quite a few out on the market now. I don't a ton of bells and whistles. I'm just looking for something that's easy to use at a sensible price.


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I have seen an instant camera in use in the past, and the advantage is that a photographer can be able to see the outcome instantly. You may want to check out models from Fujifilm, Polaroid, or Impossible. Do you have extensive photography experience?


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You know the old saying that you get what you pay for? Well, throw that out the window this time. I've used several modern instant cameras and the Fujifulm instax mini line are super affordable, and they actually perform just as well as the expensive models.


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I was going to ask if there is a compromise in image quality, and you answered this well. However, I would prefer to have a DSLR and a specific person shooting the photos.

Paul Stevens

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I think the point of instant cameras is just to capture the moment and have fun. The photos usually turn out good, but the quality isn't going to be the best. That's not what those cameras are for. It's about instant gratification and having a memento to mark the occasion. I agree with ePic that you shouldn't break the bank, but check reviews to make sure you aren't getting a dud.

Vid Syd

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Camera's for fun an camera's for work are two different animals. With the competition being as tough as it is though, you will get better quality from an instant then you might expect.


I thought about hiring a pro, but my dad doesn't like all the fuss. We're just having a fun party for him and trying to keep things light. I appreciate all your suggestions. My mother and I are going to pick one up tomorrow after work. Thanks again!

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