Improving Photos Taken in the Dark


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How would you improve a shot's quality in the dark? I know most smartphones have pretty good cameras, including mine (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8), but it's completely useless when it's dark. Any ideas on how I could take better photos?


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My phone has a setting for taking photos in the dark. The end result isn't dramatically better, but it does help. Another option is to fix it later during editing by adjusting the contrast/brightness.

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Yeah, it's tough, even with the best smartphone camera. Sometimes I just style mine as a grainy, black and white photo. LunaPic has a great filter that creates that look.

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Improving the ambiance during editing can help improve the photo quality. There's also the exposure and brightness, but too much of these may end up making the photo look unnatural. Adjusting the sharpness can also help in giving the picture clarity.


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If editing doesn't work, try looking up online software or downloadable ones that enhance image quality. I've had experience with dark photos, and sometimes editing makes it look worse.


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Redmi Note smartphones are known for good photo quality, but they are not great for taking photos in the dark from what I hear. I've never used one, are they good phones?

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