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Hey, I'm Davey. I'm a Southern fella and it's already burning up in my neck of the woods. I've recently started dabbling in photography and hope to improve my skills. This looks like a good place to land. Enough about me, how long have you guys been into photography and videography?


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Welcome to the forum, Davey! I've been making videos for a few years now, but I still consider myself to be an amateur since I rarely work for commission. It's more of a labor of love for me.


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Welcome to the forum. It is the right place to ask questions and learn from others. I developed an interest in photography at a young age. I started taking more interest just a few years ago. It takes a lot of work to be a professional!
Hi Davey! I'm a new member as well. I'm glad that someone else has found this forum as a place to connect with others! I've considered myself a hobby photographer for two years. I like to take pictures of the trees and plants around my home.


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Nice to meet you, Davey. I'm a university student, so I'm developing my photography and filmmaking skills in an academic setting. I've loved taking photos for a long time, and going to school for what I love has been delightful. Welcome to the forum!


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Hey Davey, you are in the right space. There is a lot to learn here, and we are willing to hear from you too. I have practiced photography for a long time, enough to know that learning never stops.


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Nice to meet you, Davey! I'm glad your found our little community. What got you interested in photography? For me, part of the reason I got into it was because I wanted to capture wonderful photos of my two children as they grew older.


Hi Davey! You and I are in the same boat. I also recently found discovered that I'm interested in photography. I'm still pretty new to this hobby. I only became serious about it a couple of months ago!

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