How loud?


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I'm curious about whether you can hear the cameras as they swivel around? I'm fitting an auditorium with a couple of cameras that will film guest speakers. They need to be relatively quiet since there won't be a lot of background noise to cover them up.


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WD-40 is your friend.

Just have the camera(s) facing the mic if they're all going to take turns speaking. And if you have guest speakers, you'll have an audience, no?


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Wait? You really would not spray a camera with WD-40, would you? I would not think that would be good for it. I really don't know if the camera makes a lot of noise but I would think not.


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The client is mostly worried that the camera will make a grinding/electrical/robotic sound as it turns. I don't know how else to describe it. I don't think it will matter, truly.

Fairytale Studios

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Yeah, that will probably be a nonissue. I wouldn't expect total silence, but I doubt the sound will be noticeable enough to take away from the presentation.

Len S

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You have microphones trained on the speakers, not on the equipment. So, unless there is something seriously wrong with your equipment, you won't hear a thing from it.

And please, keep the WD in the garage where it belongs. lol

Vid Syd

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If you can hear your equipment, get a refund. Or stop buying off CL, one of two. lol

I know people sometimes complain about background noise, but not this.

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