How do you show the story and not just tell it?


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I'm starting to dabble in writing scripts for short movies. I think my problem is that I feel like I'm just telling a story versus showing the story. I guess I am looking for tips on how to show what the story is (in writing).

Lily Stew

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In that case, instead of focusing on the narrative, try to focus more on creating dialogues. If you have a draft narrative, you can use that as a basis when creating the order of the scenes.

Len S

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Screenwriting has its own technique. If there is dialogue between 2 characters and then one takes a gun and shoots the other, that is all written in the script. The walking, the eye contact.........everything. In that sense, you really are showing the movie.


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This is a great question. I love books that I get so engrossed in the story because it is so well written. My only tips would be to be very descriptive in your writing. Get people involved in the descriptions and that should tell your story.

Mobile 5

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Detailed to the point where we know how a man's pants were creased.

Tell more than you have to, basically. Get down into the details.

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