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Does anyone have any experience or insights in making short films using actors?
I am pondering whether or not it is necessary to use trained actors, or if I could use enthusiastic amateurs I know would be willing to participate, for my first short project. I am thinking that professionals may not have the patience to work with a first-time director?


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My first question would be, what‘s the purpose of your film? Like, what kind of a project is it? Do you require a large number of actors and actresses? And if you are the one to source for actors, I guess social media platforms and LinkedIn would the the places you want to go. I see there are a lot of aspiring actors and actresses promoting themselves on social media. If you can present your project as a worthy experience for them/their resume, or an opportunity for them to reach out to more audience, that’s even better.


Hi @Madhatter! Yes, LinkedIn is a good idea. The project I am working on is an original script, only needing two main characters, and two extras.
I guess that as I am only just starting out, then I need them as much as they need me, so interviews would be a two-way process. Maybe some actors would work for a small fee, plus a small percentage of any profits?
Anyway, I will take note of your suggestion!


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Yeah, I guess the best part of a small production is probably the flexibility. Of course you should have everything agreed upon before working on anything. I am hoping for the best for both of you. It is tough when corona is around.

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