Hi, I'm Sam


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Well, Samantha really, but most people call me Sam for short. I fell into photography by accident when friends, family, and coworkers kept requesting that I "do their pictures." A professional photographer saw a few of them and offered to hire me as their second shooter at events. I've been dabbling in it ever since. I'd like to get started with videography eventually and that's why I decided to join here.

Paul Stevens

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Hello, Sam! It's nice to meet you. Isn't it fun when people want you to do their pictures? My favorite requests happen around Christmastime when friends and family are ready to make their Christmas cards. At least everyone who asks is nice about me in my circle, because I've heard some horror stories from other photographers.


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Thankfully, I'm in the same boat. Everyone who asks me is nice and so far, I've not had any complaints. I'm very upfront about it though. Anyone who gets demanding with my schedule or complains about the finished product is cut off from further assistance. So far, I've not had any problems.

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