HC X2000

Sweet Takes

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I've got a chance to snag one of these video cameras for a great deal (used). It's a 4K and it has great reviews. It's my bosses but he of course wants the newest everything! I've used it a few times. I love how light it is. I also think the slo-mo functionality is amazing.
Does anyone have one? Thoughts?


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I think you should go for it, especially since you know how it has been treated. I've used one before and the controls are intuitive, so you'll have it figured out in no time.

Sweet Takes

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I decided to buy it! I've been playing around all weekend with it. I love it! It was a great purchase so far! I love finding deals and I love new toys!


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Have you used it often now? What are your thoughts? I am most interested in the slo-mo function. I'm trying a new experiment with slow motion shots.


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The capabilities these have are amazing. Whenever I hear of upgraded features, the artist in me wants to buy, buy, buy. No need to settle for just the basic, still photos.

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Can you mount it on the dash of your car? lol

For some reason, being lightweight is a strong selling point. People don't want to lug around burdensome equipment.

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