Grand Canyon Artist In Residence


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This is the dream right here:

From the home page:

The Artist in Residence Program grants time and resources to facilitate professional artists’ abilities to pursue enhanced on-site projects at the canyon. This format allows the artist to make substantial contributions to our fundamental understanding of the canyon's landscape through exploration and collaboration for outcomes that will defy traditional concepts of what artistic practices can reveal.

If you are an exceptional (or just out-of-the-box) photographer or artist in any other media, this is what you would give your right eye for. I would love to be able to participate in this program.

I would go through so much film, it isn't funny.


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Not to be too cute with my words, but that sounds deep. (The Grand Canyon? Get it?)

If they want a person to do what they do in order for us to see nature differently, they will have to present what they do differently. Very differently.

Sounds like a good program though.


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It does sound good, yeah. I don't know why, but I'm surprised that programs like this still exist. I get so jaded to the seeming "dumbing down" of America I see on T.V. so much, and I get the feeling that that is everywhere.

We need more exposure to good news. For instance, periodic updates on the artists in residence progress would be nice.


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It sounds prestigious. Part of me wonders if such a program is necessary, but another part of me is rooting for those who take part.

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