GoPro versus DJI Osmo Action


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I've always used a GoPro to take action videos, mostly because it was first on the market. I have to say that the action camera has changed for the better over the years. My only complaint is that the battery doesn't last long. I've used up two batteries that will no longer charge and instead of buying a new battery, I figured I'd either upgrade to one of the latest GoPro cameras or I'd switch it up and go for DJI's Osmo Action cam. I have no experience with the Osmo Action cam though. How does it compare?


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I think GoPros are still the gold standard and everyone else is just trying to catch up. The only great thing about DJI's Osmo Action cam is the price and I'll admit that it's a big motivator to choose that one.

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They, GoPro, is the gold standard because of the ships and the fact that you can kind of make your own if you have that knowledge. The term High Tech doesn't do it justice.


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I'm voting for the GoPro too. They were the first on the market, so they've had years of feedback to work with and to get it right. They have tons of branded accessories to choose from. Even most third-party accessories appear to have been designed with the GoPro in mind.


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I have heard of but never used any of the cams you just mentioned (blame it on having a bias for the more established brands). Battery life is the one factor that makes a difference!

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