Functional or Aesthetic?


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What would be better to prioritize when you're handling costumes? The look will add to the story's message, while the person wearing it will be more comfortable with the clothing if it's functional. I find this a dilemma since the design and the actor will portray something.

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I'd always go for functional if we're talking about clothing. It'll help the individual act better if it's comfortable. Appearance or designs can still be misleading. After all, they won't necessarily help with getting the message across.

Fairytale Studios

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I focus on the aesthetic because actors are used to wearing uncomfortable clothing, makeup, and hair. I also don't want to compromise my vision for the story.


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I think you can find a good mix of both, or at least that's what I try to do. I have no interest in making my talent feel miserable in their costumes because I don't think they'll perform their best if they resent it. I also don't want to mess up my design or story. So, I'd look for a compromise.


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Well, prioritizing between the two would depend on the movie's genre. Because if it's an action movie, I would rather have my actors and actresses feel comfortable with what they're wearing. However, things change if it's a fantasy movie since you'll have to maximize the designs.

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