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There used to be fee's that photographers charged publications for the use of their images. You sell pics to National Geographic, for instance, for a higher fee than a local travel magazine. In the land of the internet though, that is changing. How would you, personally, go about calculating what to charge a site for the use of your images?


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Good point, but I'm trying to picture how easy or difficult it can be to sell to NatGeo? A good was you to start is first to sell to the local editions, create a brand, then take it from there. Once you've made a name, an agent can help negotiate the fees and commissions.

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It depends on the site I would think. Typically, the higher amount of regular traffic to a website, the more the site owner can charge companies to place ads. The same principle should apply to images, only in reverse. Something also along the lines of songs, which are also pieces of art, in that the more they are heard the more money the artist typically gets.

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