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Shooting Slate Shots aren't in my wheelhouse, but I've been asked to take it on by a recent bride. I created her wedding video and she wants to work with me again. The money is good, so I'm seriously considering it. Do you have any tips for pulling this off?

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Since this will be a shot focus on the head, minimal props can only be used. You can arrange a background that suits the wedding theme with decent lighting.

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The actor or actress might want it done a certain way. I'd have an idea of what to do, but let them lead if they seem to want a certain feel for their shoot.


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Thanks for the tips. She brought her agent and he definitely had his own idea of how the end result should look. I was basically just there to get the shot.

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If she has an agent, make sure you get your contract written up and signed before you start anything else.

Don't worry, you got this!

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