Editing iOS and Android together

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This is a family project, so it's not a top priority, but I'd still like to help if I can. I have tons of smartphone footage to put together. Sounds easy, right? Well, the problem is that they're different types. One person shot footage on their iPhone and another shot footage on their Samsung Galaxy. How do I combine these two formats so that I can interweave them together?


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I would gather all your data, then convert it to one file format. Look for a smartphone video converter. There are tons out there on the market and many are free. Once you've converted the files, you'll be able to edit them together like you would any other film.

Fairytale Studios

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Thanks for the tip. I'll need to figure out how to find the exact file first, since I'm not familiar with iOS, but I'm confident that I can work it out. I'm hoping to sort this out soon.

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