Does experience count?


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I remember an experienced photographer once commenting about still making mistakes while in the field. Most of these are those that a photographer started making as a newbie. Would you agree with these sentiments? One thing that I keep forgetting is to double-check the ISO depending on the amount of light at a particular location.


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That sounds more like absent-mindedness. I think experience counts if you learn how to do the right thing to get the shot, but if you're not correcting mistakes regularly then you just fall into the same unhelpful patterns.


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I'll admit to this one. I still make most of my mistakes during production where I continue to add unnecessary special effects to my films. There are just so many options that it's hard to resist.


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It is common to make mistakes at first, but not when experience sets in. I think fine photography has got to do with being keen to detail and striving to do everything right!


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There is also complacency. You can get so use to doing the same things, from experience, over and over that you simply forget to do something that you should. Absentmindedness was mentioned.


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We are all humans and I think it’s always possible that we make mistakes. Mistakes are what we learn from. Of course sometimes careless mistakes also happen. We can only remind ourselves to be more careful next time.

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Look at it this way: Experience let's you know right off the bat how you made the mistake. A newbie would be like "How the heck did THAT happen?"


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I think that an experienced photographer is less likely to make the mistakes that a newbie would. There are instances where I forget to carry my lens shutter, and so I've made it a habit to have an extra one in my camera bag at all times.


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You don't want to be a mentor and normalize making mistakes. I think it is possible to avoid most of the mistakes we made as newbies. Also, there is a chance of losing focus as a result of working for long hours; take a breather when necessary!

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