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I just finished reading an article about a documentary that appeared to unearth a crime, garner a confession, and piece together the evidence in such a way that it resulted in an investigation and eventual prison sentence for its subject. The documentary is called, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. Are there other documentaries out there that had a similar effect on its subject(s)? I find it problematic that the creators held onto information that probably should've been turned over to the police immediately. Do you think there's an obligation there? It's an interesting question, and I'm not sure how I'd react in their shoes.
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Robert Durst was a millionaire who had gotten away with murder before because he claimed self-defense. Who's to say that contacting the authorities would've done any good? I'd be afraid that he'd pay someone off, then sue me to silence my project. At least by making it public, you stand a good chance that there will be enough public outcry to force a real investigation into the matter. I don't think that was their motivation in this case, though.

I think the documentary about R. Kelly led to his investigation and eventual arrest.

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I think the legal system needs to update how it handles crime. Video footage of a crime taking place should be all the proof one needs. Tying up the courts with lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and juries is just a big waste of money when you have undeniable proof through a video recording. There are ways to determine 100% whether a recording has been doctored.

I'm glad the doc got to the bottom of it.

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